Percutaneous biopsy of the kidney, another organ or an abnormal mass

What is this?

Puncture of the skin under local anaesthetic to perform a needle biopsy of the kidney, another intra-abdominal organ or an abnormal mass

What alternatives are there?

Open (surgical) biopsy, observation

What to expect before procedure

You will usually be admitted on the same day as your biopsy. After admission, you will be seen by members of the medical team which may include the Consultant, Specialist Registrar, House Officer and your named nurse. Warfarin or bleeding tendencies (e.g. haemophilia, platelet abnormalities) are a contra-indication to the procedure. If you are taking Warfarin or have a tendency to bleed, please arrange to discuss this with your Consultant before the biopsy procedure.

What happens during the procedure?

The procedure is usually performed in either the Ultrasound department or in the CT Scanning department. Normally, a local anaesthetic injection will be used to numb the skin. The procedure then involves insertion of a special needle which is passed into the structure being biopsied. One or more biopsies may be taken and correct positioning of the needle within the "target" organ or mass will be confirmed using ultrasound or CT.

After the procedure

After the procedure, you will return to the ward and your condition will be monitored. Your blood pressure and pulse will be measured on a regular basis and you will be observed carefully for any signs of bleeding from the biopsy site. You will be able to return home as soon as you feel well enough. The average length of stay is 1 day.

Potential side effects